are you using all your channels?

When it comes to analyzing and implementing a digital marketing campaign, it is essential to understand which marketing tactic creates which type of results…

Although chiropractors are great at what they do, sometimes they are not good at marketing themselves and their businesses. In fact, if you’re a chiropractor, you might be looking at this and wondering: are all my channels? » Are you leveraging all your channels and taking advantage of digital marketing campaign analytics?

Fear nothing. Jason Deitch, DC, founder of and co-founder of, took the time to answer our questions – and highlight what chiropractors need to know.

The interview follows and has been edited for length and clarity.

What are the digital channels of a chiropractor?

Digital channels are the different ways a chiropractor can share a message digitally or online. Digital messaging can be video, audio or text.

Digital channels are ways to share and amplify your digital messages and campaigns with more people than ever before. Today’s digital channels allow you to potentially connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The most popular digital channels include social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and many more. They can also include email, podcasts, blogs, and office streaming videos.

What type of contact should they establish on their digital platforms and how often?

Smart chiropractors are solving the new challenges of today’s digital marketing opportunities by focusing on the two biggest challenges – content and consistency.

  1. Each digital channel requires a constant stream of contents for it to work.

Each channel has its own culture and format, and most chiropractor practices lack staff trained in chiropractic research, social media graphic design, content production, creative and distribution management.

  1. Content is like fuel. Consistency is a requirement for momentum and growth.

Smart chiropractors understand the work required to feed these hungry digital channels with the right kind of content at the right feeding times to effectively grow audiences across their multiple channels.

What type of content should chiropractors share?

Chiropractic content can be divided into two categories: syndicated content and local content.

Unionized — Chiropractors can subscribe to social media content services. There are also services that automatically post chiropractic content to a chiropractor’s social channels without the effort required by the chiropractic practice.

Local – Chiropractors also create and share posts that interest and value their “locals” the most. Local content should not be considered advertising. It’s not about asking the question, “What do I have to say to get them in?” It’s about asking, “What can I share that would be most interesting and valuable to the target audience of my practice?”

Think of creating content like you think of giving gifts. Be generous and share them with as many people as you can.

How often should chiropractors share on their digital channels?

Too often, chiropractors rely on a haphazard “post and pray” strategy. They know they need to share regularly, but don’t have a system in place or a dedicated person who is responsible and accountable for following a campaign timeline and marketing plan.

Smart chiropractors follow a formula for delegating responsibility to their team and planning for long-term success and using analytics for digital marketing campaigns. Best practices create a content cadence of monthly campaigns, weekly topics, and daily posts. The best results come from consistency over time. Creating a 12-month calendar is the smartest way to plan for optimal results.

What are the biggest mistakes chiropractors can make when it comes to digital marketing campaigns?

The biggest mistake chiropractors make is not understanding the difference between paid advertising campaigns and content marketing campaigns.

When it comes to analyzing and implementing digital marketing campaigns, understanding which marketing tactic creates which type of results is key to avoiding unrealistic expectations leading to frustration and disappointment. Run discount campaigns if you want discount shoppers and the chronic need for more new patients. Teach and invite consistently across your optimized digital channels if you want enthusiastic, loyal patients and a stable practice.

Chiropractors have long struggled to understand how to view their marketing and communications strategy as a system with a strategy as opposed to individual marketing tactics such as deep discount advertisements.

How do you best focus on growing an audience?

Chiropractic digital marketing can be simple when chiropractors focus on the goal of growing their audience by sharing their uncommon solutions to people’s common problems.

By sharing their passion for serving people and remembering that the goal is not to fill your practice with the deepest discount advertising that attracts the most buyers, but to build a long-term stable practice people who want to work with them because of a focus on real value with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.

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