Fujifilm Instax launches experiential marketing campaign in Lucknow and Kanpur

Fujifilm India has announced the launch of a new on-the-ground experiential retail marketing campaign across 10 strategic locations in the cities of Kanpur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The campaign was launched with the aim of giving passers-by a glimpse of Fujifilm’s flagship Instax series through the installation of a large sensor model of the Instax camera, as well as an Instax-branded mini truck.

The sensor-based facility is designed to react with a camera-like flash when someone walks through it. With this, the brand aims to grab people’s attention and give them the experience of standing in front of an instant camera. The Instax-branded mini truck, meanwhile, will showcase the brand’s best-selling flagships. Visitors can get a sense of the cameras, as well as printed photos of themselves on site, and take the souvenir home in their pockets. The truck will also be equipped with fun selfie backgrounds for visitors.

Arun Baboo

Speaking on the campaign, Arun Babu, General Manager, EID Division, Optical Devices and Instax, Fujifilm India said, “Engaging with customers in the field has become a challenge we have faced during the pandemic. However, as the world moves into a post-pandemic digital era, we are pleased to resume on-the-ground engagements with this unique and one-of-a-kind brand campaign. We believe experiential marketing is a powerful tool for giving people insight into a brand’s ethos. Our goal is to strengthen relationships with our existing customers, while fostering new ones, positioning Instax cameras as leaders in the instant camera segment. Driven by feelings of straightforwardness, simplicity and nostalgia, we aim to hit multiple chords like we always have, with this activation.

The campaign will be activated on August 17.

William L. Hart