livi bank and iProspect launch travel marketing campaign following policy change

livi bank has partnered with iProspect to launch a travel marketing campaign for its Buy Now Pay Later service, livi PayLater, to offer rewards to livi PayLater customers when they spend across six major travel platforms using livi Pay Later Mastercard.

A recent survey conducted by livi bank showed that more than half (52%) of their customers have planned to save for future trips and they are also saving more to meet their travel-related goals. As part of her campaign, livi has partnered with six leading travel platforms, including KKday, Texpert, Agoda,, Expedia and Klook, to link livi PayLater to travel promotions that offer customers a attractive cashback when they spend on these destination platforms. .

With early planning, livi quickly reacted to the change in travel policy and launched her campaign the same day via a 360-degree approach including video, social media and search, already receiving 500,000 views in one weekend. and doubling its sales soon after the campaign launched. . There was also an immediate jump of 4% in the CTR of travel-related keywords and video view rate of 55%.

iProspect and livi prepared in advance to launch the media campaign in an hour following announcements of changes to travel restrictions, including leveraging search intent to guide their media strategies.

“We are paying close attention to the travel segment as we grow our PayLater business,” said Eric Lin, CMO of livi Bank. “We are confident that the market has great potential for growth and will see an increase in business in the fourth quarter. Backed by Big Data and customer insights, we are confident that our new campaign “Travel now, pay later” meets the needs of our customers and the response so far has confirmed that,” Lin added.

Karen Tam, Head of Planning, dentsu international Hong Kong also shared, “To capture the rapid dynamics of the market, we were prepared weeks in advance so that we could react within an hour of the announcement of the new policy. Search intent is also one of the triggers to guide our media plan shift in the first weekend. ‘Japan’, ‘Passport’, ‘Airline’ and related keywords surged overnight, and we tapped into these emerging trends with our travel campaign which yielded positive results. »

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