Security Marketing Campaign of the Year | We have the following from Palo Alto

The “We’ve Got Next” campaign delivers a simple message: whatever the next threat, challenge or opportunity, customers can count on Palo Alto Networks. Partnering with visionaries taking the same forward-thinking approach across music, film and sports, the campaign generated 136 million impressions across broadcast media and an impressive 97% video completion rate on Youtube.

The security team must be ready for the next challenge, the next threat, and the next opportunity. Palo Alto Networks decided to launch the “We’ve Got Next” campaign because the company believes it has innovated, disrupted and reinvented the way organizations protect themselves.

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The strategy focuses on weaving a company-wide message, while allowing the space to deepen each of Palo Alto’s sub-brands. Palo Alto has partnered with a unique group of disruptors in various industries to get its message across. The team included Lena Waithe (screenwriter), Gustavo Dudamel (musician/conductor), Sabrina Ionescu (athlete), Trent Alexander-Arnold (athlete) and Robin Frijins (Formula E driver). All of these top professionals come from different disciplines, but they all understand what it takes to tell the “next” story.

Palo Alto views “We’ve Got Next” as the sentiment and attitude that the company lives and breathes every day. To stand out from the crowd, Palo Alto didn’t go with everyday influencers to represent the brand, they hand-picked unique leaders who represent the “We’ve Got Next” ideology. Leaders who disrupt their respective industries.

William L. Hart