SHISEIDO Unveils Mega Integrated Marketing Campaign

Beauty brand SHISEIDO has launched a mega integrated marketing campaign in Hong Kong under the overall theme of “From Life Comes Beauty(讓生命 資生美)”.

The extravagant campaign includes a themed ad, a metaverse-inspired virtual event, and omnichannel experiences to celebrate the timeless pursuit of beauty that connects the brand’s past, present, and future.

Launched in July this year, the campaign aims to bring the brand’s story to life through omnichannel communications and a personalized experience, as well as a locally produced themed video featuring four members of the Hong Kong boy band. MIRROR to take the audience on a journey through time – from past to present and future.

The first video shows the foursome in a lavishly appointed train carriage that evokes the golden age of luxury train travel a century ago. The ravishing visuals provide a fitting backdrop to the four idols’ epic adventure as the train departs from Ginza, the brand’s birthplace.

It continues to transport them to the present and finally to a spectacular future in an appropriate time travel analogy that connects legacy and innovation. The campaign is also the brainchild of independent creative agency Narrow Door.

The campaign kicked off with the launch of SHISEIDOVERSE: 150 YEARS TO THE FUTURE, Hong Kong’s web-based beauty metaverse. Created by digital agency Pontac, it covers a series of personalized engaging experiences with virtual ambassadors from three different eras: Mr. SHISEIDO from the present (four MIRROR members), Miss SHISEIDO from the past, and Meta SHISEIDO from the future.

The campaign also includes Power Capsule, which invites customers to choose their favorite virtual ambassadors as guides and companions as they experience SHISEIDO’s famous “Omotenashi” service, which is a hospitality tradition that puts the customer at the heart. They can also create their own Camellia Avatar, a personalized digital collectible uniquely generated with the chosen Camellia, symbol of SHISEIDO and virtual ambassador.

Additionally, Alive Beauty Lab showcases the most popular products by customers, each complemented by an engaging video presentation by the selected Virtual Ambassador that helps drive traffic to SHISEIDO HK eShop, in a playful way for a transaction experience. extraordinary e-commerce.

Customers can also take the Ginza Walk, an animated game that features a look back at SHISEIDO milestones and most iconic products. SHISEIDO Metaspace features six virtual ambassador fanspaces with exclusive photos and videos, an AR camera that generates photos of individual customers with a selected MIRROR member to support user-generated content, and scavenger hunts with surprise gifts . Customers can earn Power (event points) by participating in the virtual event and redeem limited edition gifts.

power capsule

Gloria Ho, Vice President of Shiseido Hong Kong, said, “The SHISEIDO brand is rooted in the past but anchored in the future. We have been dedicated to building the incredible connection between beauty and life, through customer-centric strategy, digital transformation and innovation supported by advanced beauty research and development.

“We wanted to create a superior omnichannel customer experience at this remarkable time of the 150e Anniversary that would do justice to this extraordinary. Using cutting-edge technology in this multi-faceted, customer-centric campaign would further enhance our ongoing efforts to recruit Millennials and Gen Z customers,” Ho added.

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