Why good content is important for your marketing strategy

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Franchise marketing has many moving parts, including SEO, paid search, social media, and more. But one of the most important, if not the most importantly, aspects of a well-developed digital marketing strategy are content – ​​the things you write and share to tell and sell your brand or business story.

Good content is not only informative, but engaging. It makes the reader want to know more and, if optimized correctly, can tell you who the reader is and how they found you. High-quality content is a game-changer in marketing, with experienced digital marketers who value it highly and knowledgeable customers who understand its value. In short, if you don’t rely on it as part of your franchise marketing strategy, you’re walking away from money.

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more than words

Fundamentally, digital franchise marketing is about building trust between a brand and its best customer. It’s about forging a relationship.

Now imagine trying to do that without using words. It wouldn’t be easy. Thoughtful, consistent and reliable content – web pages, pillar pages, blogs and e-books, just a few examples – are words and a way to connect with people. Meaningful content is narration. It’s the language you use to humanize your brand or business and share its story and purpose. Good content reminds consumers that there are people behind the brand name, people like them, allowing a better connection between your customers and what you have to offer.

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What is the value of good content?

Consumers today are much more picky about how they receive brand or product information, preferring to exert more control over the process. Old-school outbound marketing efforts like print media, TV ads, and direct mail campaigns aren’t reaching the audiences they were used to, and skilled inbound digital content marketers know it. They know how to use words to attract and engage readers, tell a brand’s story, highlight its differentiators, and delight readers with useful information that keeps them wanting to know more.

Relying on well-produced content isn’t just a smart way to build connections and see brand growth; it is also very profitable. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing efforts and generates about three times more leads. In reality:

  • 60% of consumers are interested in researching a product after reading about it.
  • 70% of people would rather discover a brand through content than advertising.
  • 78% of people feel they have developed a relationship between themselves and a brand after reading personalized content.
  • 90% of consumers find personalized content a useful way to learn more.

In short, rich and robust content allows your marketing budget to go much further and delivers a return that few other marketing efforts can replicate.

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What is good content?

It’s one thing to understand that great content is essential to building your brand and reaching your best customer. it is quite another to recognize it. So what is good content?

Good content isn’t just about crafting words, although that’s certainly part of it. Clear, precise writing that doesn’t leave readers scratching their heads is a pleasure to read, and good branded content is written by professionals who have a solid command of grammar and punctuation, but a knack for your brand and his voice. They are writers who are passionate about telling your story and are always looking for new opportunities to do so in a way that resonates with readers. They know what they’re writing is an extension of your brand, which means they know who you are and your audience. Their writing will address pain points, offer solutions and identify opportunities.

Good content writers will also have a solid understanding of the role their writing plays in generating business for you and your brand and how that helps drive the reader down the sales funnel. This means that, from an SEO perspective, high-quality content should include calls to action, hyperlinks to trusted sources, and keywords that will help your content get seen often and before the competition. That’s a lot to ask of good content marketing, so it’s generally wise to leave it to the professionals, especially considering all that consistently well-executed content can offer.

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What difference does good content make?

Whether you’re an emerging or established brand, franchisor or franchisee, authentic original content is a franchise marketing solution that can help you reach more and better qualified leads that can translate into sales. Search engine optimized content can help your brand or business become more visible, and well-planned content strategies, such as the pillar/cluster model, can help you rank higher in online searches.

Overall, quality content can build brand awareness and position you as an authority in your industry. The more good content you generate and share, the more audiences will rely on it to answer questions and present ideas or opportunities. Your brand will become more than what it sells; it will become a reliable resource.

Content marketing is a flexible and responsive tool that, in the hands of a skilled marketing team, can elevate your brand and keep it in front of your best customers. Plus, it can provide valuable data your team can use to fine-tune all of your marketing efforts so they work in unison. Perhaps most importantly, good branded content can make your best customers happy. they found you, which can go a long way in establishing the longevity and value of your brand.

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